Model rockets have the potential to cause injury to people and livestock , as well as damage to property. It is important that rockets are flown safely and, to achieve this, FOG manages safety in three ways:

  1. By having a safety code that sets the minimum safety standards that are acceptable at the club.
  2. By appointing a Range Safety Officer (RSO) for each session.
  3. By briefing spectators and visitors on safety.

FOG follows the safety code that was created by the BMFA specifically for model rockets. A copy of this code can be found HERE.  A copy of the spectator safety brief can be found HERE.

The FOG committee appoints RSO from among its suitably experienced members who have demonstrated good judgement.  RSO appointments are approved in advance of launch events. To be selected as an RSO, members are required to:

  1. Have been a FOG member for two years.
  2. Limit their decisions to rocket and motor types with which they are personally familiar
  3. Be approved by the club committee.

The current club RSOs are:

  • Mike Cocker
  • John Ellins
  • Phil Charlesworth
  • Dave Bishop
  • David Tranter

High power rocketry flights at H impulse may be permitted at this site.  Note that members must make their own arrangement for a UKRA certified RSO for such flights, and that FOG Committee members and RSO have the final say whether such flights may go ahead.

This safety system does not exonerate members or spectators from their individual responsibilities.  SAFETY IS EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY.